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About us

Olympic Offers is an international affiliate marketing network numbering over 1000 affiliates and media buyers. We are represented in more than 100 countries and we can help you increase your sales on a per-country basis. We are represented in European countries like the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, Italy and the UK, but also further afield in China, India, Australia, America, Canada, Brazil, etc.

Fast response for affiliates

Our account managers are available seven days per week to help you present your products and services within the network in the best possible way. We maintain daily contacts with affiliates that best match your products and services in order to enable you to generate the maximum number of leads, customers and sales together. We work non-stop to optimise your advertising campaigns and, thanks to intelligent software, we can tell you in no time which types of visitors most quickly lead to results.

Comprehensive measurement system

We use highly advanced software that can measure nearly anything in detail. Our software has various APIs, which means it is possible to link our statistics to your own system, enabling you to quickly see whether your advertising campaigns are profitable.

No fixed costs

At Olympic Offers, you do not pay any fixed monthly costs or setup costs. You pay only for results. That means that if you add your products to our network, you only have to pay a fixed or flexible fee for the leads, customers and sales received.

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