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About us

Olympic Offerings is an international affiliate marketing network numbering over 250 advertisers. We are represented in more than 100 countries and can help you generate turnover in a range of territories. We are represented in European countries like the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, Italy and the UK, but also further afield in China, India, Australia, the US, Canada, Brazil, etc.

Different charging models

We are not a traditional marketing network. We go much further than merely charging for sales and turnover achieved. Through us you can also earn money by generating (free) subscriptions, APP installations and downloads. We do SOI, DOI, CPA, CPS, CPI, CPD and Revenue Share.

Sharing valuable information

We will be pleased to discuss with you which kinds of traffic flows offer the best conversion rates for which types of products and services. Thanks to our intelligent system, we can very quickly see what type of traffic results in leads, customers and sales. By sharing this information with you, you can avoid unnecessary advertising spend on advertising locations and websites which are less profitable.

Represented worldwide

If you have outgrown the Netherlands and Belgium and you want to extend your turnover to other countries, Olympic Offers are the people for you. We can collect information for you on countries, products and traffic flows in no time to make sure you are up-to-date and ready to promote right away.

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